Melker Örskär
Melker Örskär
Melker Örskär
Melker Örskär

Melker Örskär

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Bring along kids, dogs or the extra gear for the overnight adventures - or paddle the kayak all by yourself - the innovative pedals and seats are easy to move between the cockpits.

The kayak has the measurements of 586 cm/64 cm and a weight of approximately 32 kg, which give the innovative and flexible kayak an excellent glide and maneuverability - even when you paddle it by yourself.

It also offers secure and stable characteristics, so the family can fully enjoy the experience during longer expeditions.

Melker Örskär benefits from the innovative, natural & sustainable top-notch flax fibres from Swiss-based Bcomp. 

Less weight, more strength & durability in a sustainable way using locally grown and renewable flax fibres, makes Melker Örskär less harmful to the environment and irresistible beautiful like it’s fellow Melker single kayaks.

The three cockpits are arranged for excellent comfort and great convenience during entry and exit.
The adjustable, ergonomic and padded seats in combination with optimal legroom, give you great control and keep your back and legs happy during the longer overnight adventures.
The kayak is designed by award winning design engineer Magnus de Brito, together with Melker Kayaks’ design-team, to meet our highest possible standards of sustainability, design & innovation, craftsmanship, function & safety, and value-for-money.
Detailed configuration
Dual color hull/deck and visible flax fibres on the deck, retractable rudder
Easy adjustable pedals in all cockpits, making it easy to steer from both the back and center cockpit.
Three fully adjustable and easy-to-move seats with backrests and soft seats.
Length: 586 cm
Width: 64 cm
Weight: 31-33 kg
Storage: 65l + 105l
Cockpit size: 81 cm x 43 cm