Take care of your kayak

Behöver jag laga en repig kajak?

Do I need to repair a scratched kayak?

We at Melker love stylish kayaks and always strive to produce the most beautiful kayaks on the market. But kayaks must also be used, and that means they will get scratched eventually. The question we all naturally ask ourselves when we've used the kayak for a while and that first scratch has turned into a new work of art with lines along the keel line is, do I need to do anything about this? To fix or not to fix Gelcoat? Repairing the gelcoat on your kayak by adding new layers is more of a project than polishing a scratch...

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Ta hand om din kajak så den kan ta hand om dig!

Take care of your kayak so it can take care of you!

Just like a car, your kayak needs regular service. Get into the habit of looking over the entire kayak at regular intervals to detect damage and wear early. In this post, My has summarized some tips and tricks on how to look after and take care of your kayak. Keep the kayak clean Keeping your kayak clean is perhaps the easiest thing you can do to extend its life. Salt water accelerates wear and corrodes metal parts. Stainless metals used in kayaks are resistant to rust, but not 100%. Crystallized salt in the kayak's various moving parts and lines also...

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Skädda eller Roder?

Skädda or Roder?

If you've ever rented or bought a kayak, you've definitely been asked the question - do you want a rudder or skeg? Endless of long discussions have explored the question and the funny thing is that there is not one answer as to what is best. It simply depends on what you are going to do! With neither rudder nor skeg, your kayak will want to steer upwind, a phenomenon called weather cocking. This means that as long as you are not one of those who love to paddle against the wind, you will have to compensate for the wind's...

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