Melker Member is now launched in Karlstad - starting May 22, 2021.

Nu lanseras Melker Member i Karlstad - med start 22e maj 2021.
Melker Member is a new and unique activity platform with a wide range of bookable sessions in experience-based and active outdoor life - in all seasons.
At the same time, the activity platform is a good training forum for basic health - like a gym, but still not - it is much more than that!
The members themselves decide whether Melker Member is the basis for all their training or more experience-based activities in community with like-minded people.
With the annual membership, Melker gets Members 200 exclusive members access to more than 250 pass with over 6000 seats within the following branches;
- Kayaking
- MTB/Gravel
- Yoga
- Hiking & tent nights
- Running
- Strength
- Winter activities
Fellowship and a wonderful hangout with like-minded people permeate the entire activity and therefore a number of additional activities are offered, full-day tours, multi-day overnight tours and mood enhancers - as part of the annual membership, e.g.
SUP & kayak afterwork, training with guest instructors, wine and coffee tasting, Tentipi and campfire, west coast camp, hiking in Jotenheimen, MTB in Säfsen, sunset paddling, awesome jaw from a portable pizza oven, crayfish slice in the archipelago, hammock mats with foot bath and much more.
In the annual membership, members get access to all sessions, activities, full-day tours and multi-day overnight tours - in all branches!
Members can have two active bookings at a time, much like a traditional gym (active bookings exclude one- and multi-day trips).
Part of the uniqueness is that the members are offered a large variety of outdoor activities in all seasons, where all activities follow the watchwords community, experiences and training.
Price for annual membership: SEK 3,900 (starting 22nd May 2021).


For more information and photos contact:

Henrik Wallin, Responsible Melker Member, Melker of Sweden
0709 - 43 59 61 /


Pelle Stafshede, CEO and creative director, Melker of Sweden

0733 - 16 95 35 /


Melker of Sweden

Melker of Sweden was founded in 2015 on Hammarö in Värmland and is a manufacturer of sustainable and innovative products for water sports such as kayaks, paddle boards and accessories.

By constantly pushing the boundaries of sustainability, craftsmanship, design and innovation, Melker of Sweden has become the most recognized company in water sports in Sweden. The company has been honored by the international water sports industry and industry colleagues, and has received several awards such as the German Design Award and Svensk Form, for its timelessly beautiful and sustainable products developed for an active and conscious lifestyle.


Melker Member

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