Do not buy our products!

Köp inte våra produkter!
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Stockholm / Karlstad, 2020-11-27



Do not buy our products!
Subscribe and share them with others instead.


Since its inception in 2015, Melker of Sweden has had the lofty goal of completely changing the industry in water sports and has since been praised and praised by the industry.


Now they do not want to sell their products anymore.



As a more sustainable alternative to conventional consumption and the typical way of selling and consuming products, Melker of Sweden is now launching its new concept in sharing economy Melker Move.


The sharing service is a climate-smart alternative to traditional ownership and a way to make life easier for the user - while reducing the consumption of nature's resources - share instead of own!


To the web:


- Many people are reluctant to buy a kayak, for example, because they will not use it often enough to justify a purchase. Another reason is that storage of kayaks is very challenging, especially close to the city and water. Finally, it is not environmentally sustainable for everyone to own their own kayak.


- We have always placed great emphasis on sustainability issues and it permeates our entire business. There is great potential in applying sharing economy to our products as it can increase the use of the products we produce. It is desirable for a number of different reasons, where the environmentally sustainable is the strongest, says Pelle Stafshede, CEO and founder of Melker of Sweden.



How does Melker Move work?


With a subscription to Melker Move, the user gets the opportunity to train and experience kayaking in a simple and safe way - just as much as you want. Whenever you want!


Melker Move is an innovative and sustainable service where they offer their private and corporate customers to use their products together or on their own for training, experience and wellness - without having to be crowded in the gym.


Booking of paddle passes is done easily via the intuitive booking system, new training and paddling poles are easily found in their community with other subscribers and unlocking is of course done with the mobile.


A subscription to Melker Move includes everything;
  • Safe and easy storage of all equipment in direct connection to the water.
  • Premium kayak (all models and sizes) from Melker of Sweden.
  • All necessary accessories such as life jacket, paddle and canopy.
  • Leader-led group paddling at least once / month.
  • Tour and training tips to get the most out of your paddling.
  • Simple and intuitive system for booking and unlocking. 
  • Community to easily find new training and paddling poles.


Short film showing the concept;




Where is Melker Move?


As early as the first of December, the first subscribers will be able to drop off in central Stockholm, from the company's own jetty @ Pampas Marina, in direct connection to Melker of Sweden's brand store.


The other station for Melker Move is almost completely completed and is located on one of the piers in the inner harbor, Karlstad. The hope and ambition is to be able to release the first paddles already before the turn of the year also on Lake Vänern and in the Klarälv delta.



- We make the water accessible to residents and tourists in a sustainable, simple, safe and secure way. The service itself will be wellness for staff, experience for tourists, and a home for everyone, regardless of socio-economic conditions.


In the long term we hope to be able to offer Melker Move in more cities and have more stations in the same city so you can pick up and leave your equipment in different places, then we can also offer paddling from A - B, which is even more exciting, concludes Pelle Stafshede.


Link to press release (PDF)


For more information contact:
Pelle Stafshede, Melker of Sweden
0733 - 16 95 35 /



Melker of Sweden


Melker of Sweden was founded in 2015 on Hammarö in Värmland and is a manufacturer of sustainable and innovative products for water sports such as kayaks, paddle boards and accessories.


By constantly pushing the boundaries of sustainability, craftsmanship, design and innovation, Melker of Sweden has become the most recognized company in water sports in Sweden. The company has been honored by the international paddle sports industry and industry colleagues, and has received several awards, such as the German Design Award and Svensk Form, for its timelessly beautiful and sustainable products developed for an active and conscious lifestyle.


Sharing Economy

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