Melker Arkö - an innovative paddle made of flax fiber

Melker Arkö - en innovativ paddel tillverkad av linfiber

Melker Arkö is now being launched, a completely unique paddle where innovative design, artisan traditions, natural beauty and the highest possible technical performance meet.

With Melker Arkö we continue to lead the way for innovation, sustainability, craftsmanship and design. By combining the natural beauty of the material with the highest possible technical performance - we have created a completely unique paddle - where our renewable and technically advanced flax fiber provides excellent material properties to our well-designed design.

With the paddle's medium-sized and well-balanced blade design, Melker Arkö meets most paddlers' high demands on a primary paddle, with a good grip that goes very easily through the water for power and speed forward. The blade shape also offers precise and flexible control - while being gentle on the shoulders and joints at a lower, softer and more relaxed paddle guide.

Melker Arkö has an ergonomic shaft with an oval grip - which gives a more intimate and comfortable feeling - while at the same time offering a soft and efficient paddling with precise blade control.

For easy division and smooth adjustment, Melker Arkö is equipped with KajakSport's world-leading and easy-to-use solution, which provides a completely free blade angle and a 10 cm adjustment margin in length (210-220 cm).

Material selection and properties

By using natural, high-performance and locally grown flax fiber, Melker Arkö gets both the highest possible mechanical properties and reduced climate impact.

The flax fiber we have chosen to use, AmpliTex ™ from Swiss Bcomp, is optimized to give Melker Arkö a durable lightweight construction with optimal strength and rigidity.

Our design and choice of material also naturally provides a higher vibration damping - which results in a more compliant and easy-to-handle paddle.

- With Melker Arkö, we have gathered our knowledge and experience in innovation, crafts, design and bio-based materials and created a completely unique paddle, a carefully designed partner for a life on the water, says Pelle Stafshede.



Length - 210-20 cm
Shaft - Ø 29 mm
Blad - 48 x 16,5 (627 cm²)
Weight - 950 g



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