Baltic X4 by Melker included in the purchase

Baltic X4 by Melker med på köpet
To celebrate the launch of our brand new kayak vest and the successful collaboration between Baltic Lifejackets and Melker of Sweden you get right now Baltic X4 by Melker included in the purchase (value SEK 1290) when ordering your new Melkerkajak, model 2022.
Use the discount code: baltic22 when ordering.
For the launch campaign
We have the vast majority of models, sizes and colors of our milking kayaks at home in stock for immediate delivery.
You can pick up your Melkerkajak free of charge in the Melker brand store @ Pampas marina, or have it delivered right to your door for only SEK 990 (applies to all of Sweden).
In the Melker brand store, we have all models at home for trial paddling before purchase.
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Baltic X4 by Melker is a life jacket for kayaks and a unique collaboration between Baltic and some of Sweden's leading kayak experts at Melker of Sweden.
The goal of the collaboration was the best possible mobility and fit combined with Baltic's uncompromising quality down to the smallest detail.
We achieved a perfect fit through a total of three adjustment points, two in the side sections and one in the shoulder section. There is a special pocket for a soft water bottle on the back, a pocket with a zipper on the front of the life vest and an open pocket with an elastic loop for keys or other things. There are also vital reflexes on the front and back.
For the launch campaign
Baltic X4 by Melker

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