B R Y G G I N V I G N I N G & S O M M A R F E S T

B R Y G G I N V I G N I N G & S O M M A R F E S T
Now on Saturday the 19th of June between 1300 - 2300ish we have a bridge inauguration & summer party @ Melker fire store in the Pampas marina.
We are doubling our rental capacity and getting a completely new additional bridge & we would like to celebrate with you and your friends.
Take a turn past or stay all day (in the evening); kayak & SUP, dance samba, play and mischief - or just hang out on the sun bridge with us and like-minded people.
We fix steaming hot crispy pizzas with Leksand's crispbread, halloumi burger with MelkerMayo, ice cream & ice cold beer 👌🏼
More about our pier inauguration & summer party;
See you in Pampas Marina on Saturday - YAAAY!

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