We are in business to make a difference - having a great time doing it

Melker of Sweden was founded 2015 in Hammarö by local serial entrepreneur, innovator and designer Pelle Stafshede, with the bold ambition to completely game change the outdoor hardware industry.

An interplay between the environment, ethics and economy is strategically important to us – making it possible to make a real difference.

We see our innovation, design, research and development as a long-term investment for our company, coming generations and the great outdoors. Making the best products is crucial for saving the planet.

We know that all business activities generate environmental problems - from powering computers to shipment overseas. Our sustainability work is an ongoing process where we continuously make improvements throughout our business practices and share what we’ve learned with others.

Our core values also include having a great time - making sure that we always do what we love together with friends, family and partners sharing our philosophy.

Staying true to our philosophy makes it possible for us to create a successful business we are proud to run and work for.