Meet and greet with us @ PaddleExpo 2019

Meet and greet with Melker of Sweden @ this years PaddleExpo (4th-6th of Oct) in Nuremberg, Germany - the world's leading paddlesports trade show.

We are located in Hall 3 / booth C4 - click here for full floor plan.


Business Models 2020

Melker of Sweden offers sleek and stylish kayaks for an active and conscious lifestyle.  

For season 2020 and onwards we offer the following business models - Click here for an overview! 


New boats in beautiful flax-fiber

Since last year we have moved our production to Estonia. Together with the team at our new factory we have moved over to use flax-fiber instead of bamboo in our kayaks. This is our next step towards a more sustainable way of producing kayaks.
The flax fiber is locally grown (Europe), it is as strong and lighter than fiber glass and it looks very stylish. Also its environmental impact is a lot less than the traditional fiber glass. If you want to know more check out

By changing to the new factory we have also raised the standard of our boats and the aim is to produce high quality boats with a high standard on each and every boat that we deliver.
Meaning that you really can sell a Melker with a great conscience, both to your customer and the environment. 

Portfolio 2020

Like last season we have four various kayak models in our portfolio, designed to meet the different target groups with distinct characteristics.

Click here for an overview of our portfolio 2020. 

Introducing our very first Stand Up Paddle board

During PaddleExpo we will introduce our very first Stand Up Paddle board to the general audience.

Following our bold ambition to completely game change the outdoor hardware industry we have now managed to produce a Stand Up Paddle board using fully biobased composite materials, natural fibres reinforcements and upcycled waste-streams from our local partners. 

Pre-book a meeting with us!

To make sure that we can reserve proper time for meeting and greeting - and for planning how we jointly will make Melker a great success in 2020 - please send a meeting request to with a suggested date and time, and we will get back to you swiftly. 

See you all in Nuremberg!