Klarälven to the North Sea - July 9 - day 2: Branäs - Björby (35.7 km)

Klarälven till Västerhavet - 9 juli - dag 2: Branäs - Björby (35,7 km)


Today we woke up in a sun-warmed tent a few meters next to the river. In the usual coffee spirit when the weather allows, we started the day with sun-warmed cinnamon buns, coffee and tea for breakfast. We also managed a short morning dip in the cooling water before it was time to leave. 

The morning camp right next to a sandy beach by the Klarälven river.

The paddling during the day was nice. The constantly flowing water certainly helps when paddling, which results in a high cruising speed. When the paddle is not in the water and you have a short coffee or chat, we still move in the direction of the current, which is a nice opportunity to reflect on the surrounding environment. 

A little coffee talk and a break on the river while we slowly float downstream.

This part of the Klarälven is completely free of rapids and dams, which has resulted in fantastic conditions for just flowing with the river mile after mile. It is precisely this fact that is the reason for the many fleets we have encountered. The tourist concept of going on a raft means that you build your own raft which you then float down on the Klarälven river at the pace of nature. We think it is a nice element in our experience! 

With a forgotten toothbrush in mind, we stopped for lunch near a grocery store for some grocery shopping where we bought freshly baked garlic bread as an appetizer for the upcoming lunch which turned out to be at 17.00 in the afternoon.

On the way to the grocery store.

Some time to have fun and make noise.

After the lunch that turned out to be our dinner, we continued at a leisurely pace. A few kilometers downstream we chose to "connect" to a raft and listen to some music. Atmospheric as we felt, it became a blissful mix of Cash, Dylan and Cohen. 

Leaving our mosquito and fly invaded lunch port. 

The most fun of the whole day was what was to come when he started talking to some Örebro residents who would start their rafting adventure tomorrow from Klarälven's camping. After short exchanges, we were invited to a campfire where we remained all evening. It is these unexpected encounters that put a golden edge on a trip like this. Exchanging stories and stories for a seemingly strange person for an evening is something very special. A group of Danes who were on a car adventure in the interior of Sweden also joined the campfire. 

Danes, Örebro residents and kayakers, a nice end to a paddling day.

That was all for today, thank you for us!




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