Klarälven to the North Sea - July 7 - Day 0 - The beginning

Klarälven till Västerhavet - 7 juli - Dag 0 - Begynnelsen


My name is William and I love water. Tomorrow, June 8, I will, together with my friends Lowe and Noah, embark on an approximately 50 km long adventure on water from Sysslebäck in Värmland in the north to a small island in the coastline in Gothenburg's northern archipelago in the south. A paddling adventure that passes through everything from a world-unique river landscape to an island-rich lake archipelago, everything from a Melker kayak!

For about two weeks ahead, you will be able to follow us on our journey towards the west coast's salt water through, among other things, this blog. The idea is that we will continuously update during the journey about how we are doing, what we encounter and about everything we will see. 

How incredibly fun it will be!

Now we drive, stay tuned! 

#Milking moment 

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