Klarälven to the North Sea - July 19 - day 12: Hindens reef - Vargön (37.3 km)

Klarälven till Västerhavet - 19 juli - dag 12:  Hindens rev - Vargön (37,3 km)



The clock was set to 06:00, and of course it rang, but in the ordinary spirit of Lowino paddling, it's pretty good not to rush. Instead of 06 o'clock we got up 09.


The morning on Hinden's reef consisted of oatmeal which is one of the last foods we have left, and a lot of hikers who were out walking on the reef. What we found awesome about Hinden's reef was that you could hear the waves crashing from two different directions at the same time. 

Our camp in the middle of the footpath on Hinden's reef. 

The morning's paddling did not stand out in any particular way but went on as usual in a light tailwind. That you are a bit tenacious now is now commonplace in the mornings. 


Lunch was prepared on an island just before the last crossing on open water here on Lake Vänern, a distance of 7km between Såtenäs and Vänersnäs. The lure consisted of a simpler buffet of what we could scrape together: some macaroni, couscous mixture with carrot, parsnip and red lentils and a round of minced meat sauce. 


The crossing went very smoothly with almost no wind. Like yesterday when it blew up in five minutes, we got to experience something similar again after completing the crossing. In a very short time interval, it blew up to 8-9 seconds in a straight headwind, which was not so favorable for our time planning to get to Vänersborg in the evening. 

One last selfie before a tougher round of paddling.

It was convened to Ö-råd for a "shorter discussion" whether Will would meet the prevailing wind conditions with relatively rough seas and fresh wind. At the "shorter" island council that lasted an hour, we decided to put up a hard fight. The aim was to at least move towards Vänersborg. Put on a rain jacket, tie everything on the deck and double check all the dry hatches, now we drive.


The paddling to Vargön, where we arrived, we all agreed was the most fun of the whole trip. Roaring into the storm, we took the paddle in full swing, it was action-packed to say the least. The foredeck was submerged and washed over in the waves. From most ice cream around, our Melker kayaks finally got to show where they went for, and they delivered. 

The feeling of being alive, what a night it was.

After a lot of bouncing on the lake, we arrived at Gaddesanna's sandy beach next to Vargön where the day's big surprise was. Axel Flygare, the rascal, stood waiting with filled bags of burgers from Donken for an entire company. From being thrown around in despair about a lack of food and a diet consisting of oatmeal, Mr. Flygare came as a guardian angel from above. 


Satisfied and satisfied, we now head to the tent for a night's rest, tomorrow begins our third and final stage of the journey, Göta älv. It's almost like we can feel the salt water in the air now…

All's Well,



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