Klarälven to the North Sea - July 13 - day 6: Höje - Deje (51.8 km)

Klarälven till Västerhavet - 13 juli - dag 6: Höje - Deje (51,8 km)



Started after yesterday's night paddling, it took a long time to get started. Internally, we talk about that at 20:00 in the evening we are our "prime": when we perform at the top, which was many hours away. 

The adventure gang in front of the bathing cabin we slept at.

The next lift was a few kilometers downstream at Munkfors. While paddling there, we discovered a small mysterious island just as big to accommodate three people in the middle of the river. An almost magical place with a few trees, bright green grass and purple flowers along the edges. A perfect place for a coffee break.

Special island in the middle of the river.

Lunch was served at a real Värmland fast food restaurant: Maja's fast food restaurant in Munkfors. In addition to charging ourselves with food, we also took the opportunity, as we usually do, to charge electronic equipment in parallel as we eat. In the fast food kitchen, we were also told by the people from Värmland who ran the place that there was 110mm of precipitation on Saturday when we paddled through the thunderstorm, what a thing!


After lunch we tried to get past the power plant, which by the way is the biggest (biggest effect) of all the power plants we pass. It took a while to explore and recreate the place. Once it was done and the lift could begin, our bodies are reminded of the lifts and paddling miles we have done in recent days. It's starting to get pretty tiring at this point. We all long for Karlstad when the power plants are over and we have achieved an intermediate goal on our journey.

Investigates the possibility of carrying around Munkfors power plant.

Although difficult, we also got help to carry kayaks here. This time by a woman from Karlshamn who was out on a bike ride, it and all the other help, which when we got our water bottle refilled, we thank for. 


Here it can be added that we have also come up with a secret trick to lift faster and more efficiently: to listen to a gospel song that Lowe has found! Then it goes away.


However, Munkfors was only a short distance downstream from yesterday's night spot, more must be paddled! As we aim to get to Karlstad tomorrow, it is important to stay in. In total, it was, from Munkfors, almost 40 kilometers more. It can also be mentioned that we left the place at 20:00 in the evening. In other words, it still was a round of night kayaking. 

Footbridge at night in Deje.

It was around two o'clock at night when we decided to sleep just before the power plant in Deje, because it is terribly uncomfortable to paddle near the power plant when it starts to get really strong, nothing to recommend and something we certainly avoid in the future. 


With that said, we have two power plants and about 35 kilometers left to Karlstad, which will be completed tomorrow. With sleepy eyelids, we thank you and hope everyone stays cool in the heat!


All's Well!



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