Klarälven to the North Sea - July 12 - day 5: Skoga power plant - Höje (21.2 km)

Klarälven till Västerhavet - 12 juli - dag 5: Skoga kraftverk - Höje (21,2 km)

Hello everybody!


What a day it has been! A roller coaster of emotions, energy and water levels.


The day has in short meant numerous kilometers on the river and a total of 4 lifts around different power plants of varying degrees of difficulty and scope that left a strong mark on the day.

Breathing pause between all hydropower plants.

The first power plant, Skoga power plant, we slept over during the night. We probably all agree now in retrospect that it was an unusually difficult start to the morning. It is probably a mixture of several long paddling days in the back in combination with the fact that it was our earliest morning. 

Strange constructions in the river, I guess from floating timber.

Like oats, we changed our itinerary to bang 2km downstream to a preliminary place to launch the kayaks after discovering a closer place at just under 500 meters, albeit in more inaccessible terrain. The tedious work of carrying 3 turns with 24kg kayaks excluding personal equipment and packing in a hilly environment began. 

This is what it can look like when approaching a power plant.

After several hours of hard work, we indulged in a swim before hoping for a lighter future lift to the coming force downstream, we sat in the kayaks and continued. 


But oh what we were wrong! It was almost comical where we stand there tens of meters above a several hundred meters long drained riverbed filled with bare rocks and a colossal amount of rock. Lowe and William set out on an adventure to find a suitable place to carry the kayaks to below the power plant while Noah offered to strategically "guard" the kayaks and all equipment. Unfortunately, we searched in vain but did not give up despite the energy level and mood had run at the bottom.


Instead, we paddled over to the other side of the river where we miraculously received help from a Danish family, who were on holiday in a cottage by the river, by moving equipment and helping to carry the kayaks one kilometer downstream. After this hardship, we felt invincible. Barking, we continued into a windless, lukewarm and cloudless evening.

The power plants can not be paddled through.

The well-being was at its best when we arrived at the next power plant. We were truly seduced by the lovely and beautiful surroundings that framed the power plant and its proximity. After a short preparation where the kayaks were to be launched, we had time for a small photosession, fish watching and general enjoyment of life.

You still have to have fun even though it's hard!

The kilometer that followed before the next power plant was experienced as a pristine oasis where we all achieved a total peace of mind: wonderful! 

Peace of mind.

The last power plant was an easy match for now with experienced  kayak-around-power plant carrier. It was now almost twelve o'clock at night when, for the last time today, we left another hydroelectric power plant behind us. 

Installation of kayaks after the power plants.

The night kayaking that followed was an extraordinary experience. The tranquility was something new for all of us and left a mysterious mark on nature on the river banks. 


The fall of the star was probably the coolest of the whole day. Such a beautiful spectacle we witnessed when an unusually large meteorite burned and lit up the firmament. 

The adventure gang: Lowe Kinlund - photographer (left), Noah Sandgren - contemporary analyst (middle) and William Olsson - project manager (right)

Natthamn became a large public open bathing cabin by a nice lawn right next to the river where we all sleep together on the floor.


An eventful day,


All's Well!



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