Klarälven to the North Sea - 11 July - day 4: Västra Tönnet - Skoga power plant (30.5 km)

Klarälven till Västerhavet - 11 juli - dag 4: Västra Tönnet - Skoga kraftverk (30,5 km)



A day of variation can be briefly described as this day. The morning started in a still gray and wet Värmland. However, it would not take many hours before the sun came up again.


The focus for the morning was on Ekshärad: a town of the larger size compared to previous places we have passed. The focus was on the local grill that we had searched for on the web and which would be open. 

Happiness when the food is served.

That said, we showed up at the restaurant at lunchtime for a gastronomic experience beyond the ordinary. The funniest memory we bring from the visit was the memory the restaurant manager gave away when we ordered a kebab pizza, calzone and gyro plate after first ordering three kebab plates, then for starters.

Round number two.

After this, to say the least, great achievement of lowering a normal day's energy intake by just over 25 minutes, we went to the nearby grocery store for necessary purchases including fast macaroni and an orange per person (to avoid scurvy).


A little shorter digestion before we continued on the kayaks we managed in the form of a little play in the park and a proper swim on a sandy beach by the river. 

On the way back to the kayaks.

Then our journey south continued. There were no strange things until we encountered our first obstacle that would appear to our the logs that are deployed to collect all the logs that are hauled into the river after dismantling from the rafts that are being built. 

Edsforsen power plant.

However, this would only prove to be a shorter problem compared to what we would encounter, namely our first power plant: Edsforsen's power plant. After some exploration around the place, it took us an hour to carry the kayaks down to where the river continued downstream. 


There was not really any long-distance driver until we were facing the next power plant. A power plant that did not offer as good opportunities to get around. I now write this in the tent while the others sleep and rest up before tomorrow's trapeze. A detour around the steep valley that makes it impossible to lower kayaks directly after the power plant. In total, it is 2 km to the planned reduction, multiplied by 3 turns, we plan to hit 1.2 km early tomorrow morning and then continue downstream (where more power plants are waiting…). 

Night camp (picture taken in the morning the next day)

Enough about that! Now I will close the lid on the computer and put my head against the pillow so that I too can rest up for a long tomorrow.


All's Well!



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