30 days solo along the Swedish coast

My name is Anton and in the fall of 2018 I joined Adventure Academy. As part of the academy you get help in planning and carrying out the adventure of your dreams. I had no particular experience of kayaking before this adventure. That is why I thought it would be the perfect challenge for me to paddle a kayak alone along the Swedish coast for 30 days.

To give you a peek into what this trip was for me I have picked out three days that stick out to me. Very generously, I got to borrow a Melker Ulvön LV for this adventure. It became my faithful companion during the adventure that started in Stockholm on June 6, 2019.

Day 6

This was the first day that I felt small in big waves and had to save myself from turning over. I set off just above Oxelösund and had set my sights on crossing Bråviken, towards Arkösund.

All alone in the kayak I saw a couple of curious seals, majestic sea eagles and a patrolling police helicopter. A light summer rain was falling, but I had a strong side wind and it was increasing.

When I crossed the water to Arkösund the wind had increased to 10 m / s with even stronger gusts. The waves were high and in the middle of the open water I was hit by a big wave from the side. In a moment of clarity, I released the paddle with my left hand and pushed it into the water on the right side. By doing that I managed to stabilize myself and the kayak right before I felt it rolling over. After the near fall my mouth tasted of iron and my legs were shaking from adrenaline. It was an adventurous day with a distance of 50 kilometers. I pitched the tent in Arkösund.


Day 9

Tjust archipelago. When I woke up, a slight fog lay over the calm water. I packed up the tent and left. During the day, the fog became thicker and thicker and on many passages my vision was so bad that I could see no more than 20 meters. I had to navigate with my phone's GPS and just hope that I was heading in the right direction. The sound of the boat horns added to the feeling mystique and when on land I was really grateful for experiencing something quite cinematic. The distance was 48 km and ended in a Västervik completely free of fog.

Melker Ulvön on a nice beach

Day 21

In the outskirts of the Blekinge archipelago, I finally woke up to a day with perfect conditions. Calm waters and blue skies that lasted all day. It was calm enough for me to explore and clear away floating objects.

The wind was so easy that I paddled up to a sailboat and asked them if they needed a push. Thankfully they got the joke. I had lunch in a guest harbor and topped it off with an ice cream in the sun. The distance was 38 kilometers. I pitched the tent on the beautiful beach of Hällevik.

Melker Ulvön in nature

In hindsight, it is obvious that not only the best days are remembered as the best. On the contrary, the tough days remain in my mind as tests of courage that I will carry with me for a long time. The 30 days ended with some refreshingly hard headwinds in Smygehuk.


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